Employment Card 2024, Online Application, Check Eligibility & Benefits

Employment Exchange is a service that allows a qualified individual to get a job through an employment exchange process with an employed individual. The Employment Exchange Organization provides employment assistance to unemployed individuals based on qualification & experience.  Through the employment exchange process, an unemployed person can get a government job depending on their qualification & skills. The Employment Exchange Organization provides an Employment Card. All the candidates looking for a government job through employment exchange receive this card.

The Employment Exchange Card works like a driver’s license. This allows the individual to access the employment exchange process legally. On this platform, employers can also open and announce vacancies to hire employees. In this article, the Employment Exchange Card is neatly described. Get all the needed information here.

Employment Exchange 

What Is Employment Exchange?

The name of the service is quite definitive. Still, the individuals unaware of the Employment Exchange process must know that the service helps to make contact between employers and employees. The employees need to get the Employment Exchange Card in order to properly and legally access the employment exchange service. The official organization of Employment Exchange issues an Employment Exchange Card, by which the candidates are provided access to the service. 

To get all the benefits of this Employment Exchange Service you’ll have to register yourself in the platform. This can be done with the Employment Exchange website @https://employmentcard.co.in/. Employment Exchange Cards have their unique numbers for easy recognition of job seekers.¬†

OrganizationEmployment Card
Application FacilitiesEmployment Exchange Card, NCS Card
BenefitsInformation Regarding Job Openings
BeneficiariesUnemployed Students
Application ModeOffline/Online
Official Websiteemploymentcard.co.in

The Employment exchange scheme also allows Employers to get connected with qualified and worthy individuals. This way they can also announce their open positions for hiring & recruitment. This way it makes proper employer and employee contact so a job seeker can find a suitable job & employee seekers can get in touch with worthy individuals.

Why Employment Exchange?

We all know the struggles to get employed in India. A lot of job seekers wait for a good opportunity to get employed. Getting a government in the same sense is way more difficult. Even after having a groundbreaking qualification level the job seekers could not get a good employment opportunity due to the high competition and employment crisis. This leaves a lot of worthy candidates unemployed and devastated. This employment issue is getting worse over time as the increasing number of competition is making it more difficult over time.

To get the Job seekers out of this trouble the Employment Exchange Service has been created. This service works as a link between job seekers and employers. The job seekers can get a lot of Employment opportunities with the Employment Exchange Service. This resolves the employment issues throughout the country quite less. The Employment Exchange Service is available throughout the country. All the states in India have this service. Candidates can directly apply for the employment exchange card from the portal available @https://employmentcard.co.in/.

Benefits of the Employment Exchange Service  

The Employment Exchange program was made to help job seekers get the right employment opportunity according to their experience, skills & educational qualifications. Thus the Employment Exchange Service provides a hefty list of benefits. These benefits are available to the Job Seekers once they get registered & get their hands on the Employment Exchange Card. The benefits of the Employment Exchange Service are listed below:

  • Applicants are notified about the new job postings through the Employment Exchange.
  • The individuals registered in the Employment Exchange Service will get their unique number, by which the employer can identify them and find them to employ for their organization even if the candidate hasn’t applied for it.
  • Applicants get provided with suitable jobs according to their Skills, Qualifications & Experience.
  • The Employment Exchange also allows the government to get in touch with worthy job seekers. This point of contact makes it easy for the government to get a perfect candidate for their open position. On the other hand, worthy candidates can get government jobs through the service.
  • Ultimately, this website gives the opportunities & options to the job seekers in the numbers that ordinary job search websites don’t match.

How To Apply for the Employment Exchange Card Online?

There are both Online and Offline application processes available to get yourself registered in the Employment Exchange Service. After you successfully add yourself to the Employment Exchange, the Organization will provide you with an Employment Exchange Card. This card then can be used to specify the Job seeker to set out a Job space according to his/her qualifications. The online application process is as follows:

  • If you’re not registered in the portal, complete the registration process with your Mobile number & Email & create an account.
  • After the account creation is successfully done, you can log into the portal with the provided credentials.
  • Select the district name. In the case of certain states, your native state and district details are also asked for. So, follow the instructions given in the respective state’s portal.
  • Fill out the Application Form with the information asked.
  • After you submit the application form, an acknowledgement containing the Registration Number, Registration Date and Name of the Employment Exchange is issued.
  • Print & keep the Acknowledgement for future reference.
  • Submit all relevant documentation regarding education, experience, caste, sports, handicaps (issued by Medical Board), ex-serviceman, widow, freedom fighter and proof of residence etc. to the Employment Exchange mentioned within 15 days from the date of registration. The time limit may vary from state to state.
  • Aside from the given information, you need to submit any one of these documents in support of your residential status:
    • Ration Card.
    • Voter ID Card.
    • Certificate from Municipal Councilor/Sarpanch.
    • Proof of job in the State of either of the parents.
    • Certificate of Education in the State.
    • Letter from a officer or school head.
    • Certificate issued by an MLA/MP.
    • Domicile Certificate.
  • Finally, the Employment Exchange will issue an Employment Exchange Card for you, that will be used to get you employed in the perfect job role in any government or private organization.

How To Apply for the Employment Exchange Card Offline?

Candidates who do not want to get into the Online Registration for certain reasons, can apply offline as well. In order to complete offline registration, the individuals may follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit your nearest Employment Exchange Office.
  • Submit the printed copies of all the documents mentioned in the Online application process. The copies of the documents are required to be up to date.
  • Bring an Experience Certificate if available as well.
  • Bring any of the documents with you for residential verification.
    • Voter’s Identity Card
    • Ration Card
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Domicile Certificate.
  • After registration, you will be issued a registration number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Employment Exchange?

Any job seeker can apply for the employment exchange.

What is the minimum requirement for employment exchange?

To get registered in the employment exchange service, the candidates need to be at least the age of employment aka 18 years.

What is the website for registration in the Employment Exchange?

Interested individuals may apply from the official website @https://employmentcard.co.in/ to get registered for the employment exchange.